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The Internet of Things


Use IoT tech to make life better

The government's committed to building a stronger digital economy. And that's helping to make Intelligent Cities into reality. For local authorities, that means finding ways to make cities cleaner, safer and healthier places to live.

The challenge

People are gradually moving away from rural areas. By 2030, 92% of the UK's population will live and work in cities. That could mean a bigger need for services like education, healthcare, transport, energy, water and housing. For you, that means rethinking your city's infrastructure so you're ready for the demand.

The solution

Lots of cities are using IoT technology to help meet the demands for a more connected population. As well as making cities more connected, the data can improve the lives of citizens, benefit local businesses and organisations, and inspire visitors.

The benefits

With the tech to back you, you can create a city that's better suited a changing world. You can:

Boost the economy

A better connected city attracts investors and encourages other businesses and organisations to relocate. This helps to create jobs and boost the economy.

Work more efficiently

Finding new ways to do things can help you deliver better services at lower costs. Councils, businesses and other organisations can exchange ideas about how to make better use of resources, skills and space.

Improve the quality of life

Our Intelligent Assets and Intelligent Data Analytics solutions can collect, store and analyse information that covers every part of your city's infrastructure.

And with the data, you can make smarter decisions about where to place housing developments, where to offer free wi-fi, and how to improve the way people use public spaces.

Inspire creativity and collaboration

Because our platform's open, it's flexible for IoT-connected devices. The more connections you make, the more people can share your data, which leads to better decisions that benefit everyone.

Our platform might be open but it's still perfectly safe. We include security features to make sure only authorised devices can connect and only the people you trust can access the data they need.

Simplify your data

With Intelligent Data Analytics, we can give you better insights into how smartphone and tablet users behave in your city.

You can see which websites they visit and when and where they use their devices. That means you can place advertising where it's likely to be seen or send targeted text messages that interest them.

Cut out congestion

Ease the rush-hour traffic and cut journey times by making traffic flow more smoothly in and out of your city. Our sensors show you traffic hotspots, and help you to make changes that lower carbon emissions and improve air quality.

You can even provide drivers with accurate travel information, so they'll experience fewer delays and less stress.

Why BT?

We're recognised as an IoT pioneer thanks to our smart city development work with Milton Keynes Council. We created the award-winning MK Data Hub, and now we're doing the same for Manchester as part of the CityVerve initiative.

Where it's working

Milton Keynes Council is creating better services and managing demand for parking. Meanwhile, the Manchester CityVerve project is helping to improve health and social care, travel and transport, and energy and environment.

  • Milton Keynes case study - Innovative parking space optimisation pilot project

    As one of the fastest growing cities in the UK, Milton Keynes has to support increasing numbers of visitors, residents and businesses, all while meeting spending and carbon reduction targets. It's no easy task for any city, so Milton Keynes council joined forces with The Open University, BT and other partners to form MK:Smart. The aim? To take on Milton Keynes' growing challenges and turn it into a truly smart city.

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