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The Internet of Things


Improve asset monitoring and drive down costs

From warehousing and operations to freight transportation and delivery, there are plenty of places in the supply chain that could benefit from IoT tech.

You can make collaboration easier, increase productivity and improve customer service. You can automate your inventory to save time, and get data that puts a stop to damage and fraud.

The challenge

We know you're under pressure to get the right product to the right place at the right time. Every time. Consumers want orders delivered within hours. Businesses want their high-value and sensitive goods moved safely. And you need to keep track of your transport, assets, and drivers to stay competitive. Because in logistics, 'lost in transit' isn’t an option.

The solution

With Intelligent Assets, you can improve the way you store, monitor, route, service, and deliver goods. You can reduce operating costs, make the best use of resources and transform your business. We'll combine our mobile technology, cloud services and IoT tech to help you connect the unconnected.

The benefits

Whether you're carrying pallets or parcels, we'll use the IoT to help your business go further and faster, for less. You can:

Ditch the paperwork

Instant access to information can help you change your business model, grow your operation and increase your income. You can replace paper forms with electronic delivery notes, timesheets and barcode scanning. Together, it'll save you time and help you to become more efficient. It also means drivers can spend more time on the road and less time filling in paperwork, so you can take on more contracts.

Run a smoother operation

Access information like vehicle, driver, and package location in real-time. Accurate data means you can speed up decision-making, reduce costs, improve scheduling and use resources more effectively. That means you'll never miss a collection and keep customers happy.

Minimise maintenance

Using our IoT sensors and Intelligent Data Analytics platform means you don't need routine maintenance visits. You can monitor systems and assets off-site, so there's no need to send an engineer out unless there's an issue.

Keep customers happy

Collecting data about your customers means you get a better idea of their needs. With the right information at your fingertips, you can develop and improve your products and services, offer more choice and better service.

Become more sustainable

More data means you can use less energy on things like fuel, heating, air conditioning, and lighting. As well as saving costs, it can go a long way to help you reduce your carbon emissions.

Comply with regulations

IoT technology can keep you in line with regulations that affect the way you move people and goods, and the ones that affect sustainability and safety issues. With the right data, you can stay transparent and steer clear of any regulatory issues.

Why BT?

We offer everything from GPS trackers and sensors, to barcodes, radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, location data, and Machine to Machine (M2M) products.

With all of those options in our IoT toolkit, we can track almost any asset in your supply chain – where it's been, where it is now and what condition it's in – quickly and easily. And with that information we can help you manage your assets effectively, be totally transparent and more socially responsible.

Where it's working

We're helping Openreach protect its high-value assets, streamline operations, and save millions of pounds while they improve the UK's telecoms.

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