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The Internet of Things


In-store experience

More people are buying online than ever, but customers still like to visit physical stores. In fact, around 90% of all sales happen there. But to get today's tech-savvy shoppers through the door, you'll have to work harder to create an experience that matches the one your customers can get online.

The challenge

Customers' expectations are higher than ever. They're after the same, seamless experience – in store and online.


Your brick and mortar store needs to look and behave like your website. And it should provide the same level of service. One that's convenient and personalised.

The solution

We know how to improve organisations with digital tech. Using our network and IoT technology, we can help you to engage customers while they're in store.


We can help you collect data that tells you all about your customers' behaviour and your inventory. Together, those insights can help you give a better service. And that’s when business performance – and profits – soar.

The benefits

The IoT can help you to supercharge your customers' experience, change their buying habits and increase sales. It makes managing and monitoring your assets easier, too. You can:

Make sales soar

Give customers more choice. Extend product ranges to include items that aren't on display. Discover where customers spend the most time. Display products where they'll be seen – and where they're more likely to sell.

You can even let customers do things like buy online and collect in store.

Keep tabs on your stock

Know exactly what's on the shelves, or on the wrong shelf, in fitting rooms or in abandoned baskets. Our tech gives you an up-to-date inventory, 24/7.

It can help you cut waste and save money by re-ordering the right quantity of items. Predict buying patterns so you can manage your stock levels more accurately. Even create promotions and make sure you've always got those hot ticket items in.

Build a better store

Our tech can bring your spaces to life. From individual shops to your head office, digital signs are a good way to promote offers and share news. You can even get them to interact with customers’ cameras and smartphones.

Or go a step further and create a whole sensory experience: like synchronising video, music and smells in your food hall.

Improve your customer journey

Offer free wi-fi so customers can get online, search for products, compare prices and read reviews. All while they spend more time in your store.

Interact with your customers on a one-to-one basis. Send them targeted alerts about in-store offers, discounts or special promotions to make them feel special and increase in-store purchases.

Assess you assets

Monitor the condition of goods in transit to make sure food, medicines or other perishables arrive at in the same condition as when they set off.

Keep your production lines moving by keeping track of equipment. Knowing where your stillages and pallets are means you can fulfil orders and not waste time and money looking for things you already own. Or money replacing it.

Fight fraud and tackle theft

Identify fraud and transactions before they become a problem – record customer behaviour, track incidents and support investigations.

We can design a secure system that'll work with your existing hardware and cameras, or design and set up a standalone solution.

Why BT?

We work with 6,500 large corporate and public sector customers in 180 countries. We've made it our business to understand your business. And we've have helped all sorts of retailers worldwide.


We know how to make different technologies work together. Our global network, 48 worldwide data centres, and cloud services, mean we can make our digital retail tools anywhere – quickly and securely.

Where it's working

We've helped leading shirt maker Thomas Pink, EE, footwear manufacturer Geox, and Italian retailer Auchan, to improve their customers' experience, increase productivity and make their inventory more efficient.

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