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The Internet of Things


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From overcrowded public systems to increasing congestion on the roads, there are masses of modern transport problems. And the need to reduce carbon emissions makes them even bigger.

The challenge

Managing a fleet of commercial vehicles, aeroplanes or a transport network can be daunting. You need to account for every asset. And make sure everything works and gets to where it needs to be on time, every time.

On top of that, you need to think about your environmental impact and how safe your drivers and passengers are. It’s a tricky balancing act.

The solution

When you're running a complex nationwide or global operation, you can't rely on manpower alone. After all, no one can be in two places at once. But giving the right people the right technology to work with can lead to amazing things. And it all starts with tracking and monitoring your assets remotely.

The benefits

Tracking and monitoring your assets keeps drivers safe, increases efficiency and lowers costs. You can:

Track goods in transit

You have to store food, medicines and other perishables at the right temperature. If items don't arrive in perfect condition, you could end up paying compensation - which could damage your brand and your bottom line.

Our sensors detect changes in heat and humidity, helping to make sure your goods stay in tip-top shape - whether they’re on the move or stationary.

Recover reusable assets

Roll cages, drums, and pallets are easy to underuse, overstock or even lose. And if you don't know where they are, this can delay deliveries and impact your ability to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Tracking assets solves these problems. You can fulfil orders, improve customer service and protect your reputation. Plus, you won’t spend thousands of pounds buying unnecessary replacements.

Evaluate equipment in remote locations

If you've got machinery in hard-to-reach places, it's doesn't make financial sense to monitor them in person. With Intelligent Assets, we can give you a way to check them remotely and in real-time.

Our tracking devices and applications watch for things like pressure and shock, which can be a sign of mechanical risk or failure. You can use this information to work out maintenance schedules or replace equipment.

View vehicles and drivers

Putting GPS trackers on vehicles and sensors in drivers' cabs can tell you how your vehicles are being used. You can check speeds, compare driver performance and see how much fuel every journey uses.

With all that insight, you can see where you might need to give staff more training and work out how to make routes more efficient.

Use your data

With Intelligent Assets you'll get the latest data about the most important parts of your business. And you can store and transmit it reliably and securely over our network. But the story doesn't stop there.

When you're ready, you can use our Intelligent Data Analytics platform to help you understand the information and make faster, more strategic decisions that benefit your business.

Avoid potential accidents

It's crucial to keep your drivers, other motorists and pedestrians safe. And having the latest data can help you protect them.

You can give drivers more information about the conditions on the roads they're using and if there's a major incident somewhere, you can help them find a different route. They'll avoid delays, make their deliveries on time and you’ll keep everyone safe.

Why BT?

Our product range includes GPS trackers, sensors, barcodes, radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, location data, and Machine-to-Machine (M2M).


You can check up on every asset you own while it's in operation, making sure everything is where it needs to be and working as it should.

Where it's working

We work with Lyngsoe Systems, a world leader in electronic logistics control and RFID technology. We've also helped a major postal company track on how well their service is performing.

  • All bags aboard - white paper

    Read our white paper and find out how RFID technology can help airlines to automate baggage handling, reduce lost items, improve efficiency and boost customer service.

    24/02/2021 pdf - 1.25 MB

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