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The Internet of Things


A smarter way to manage assets and cut costs

Gas, water or electricity. It doesn't matter which area you work in. The utilities sector is changing fast. The pressure's on to find new ways to give a reliable, safe service people can afford - and try to get your distribution costs and spending down at the same time.

The challenge

Changes in the utilities marketplace mean you're facing big challenges. More competition. Complex legislation. New regulations. Investor expectations. Public opinion. Renewable energy. Environmental concerns.


These factors affect what you do and how you do it. You need to keep on top of them and focus on your day job - delivering services across large geographical areas and to remote locations, all while keeping track of your assets.

The solution

Monitoring your assets and engaging with customers can help you be more efficient, stay ahead of the competition, and build stronger bonds with customers. And that's where the IoT comes in. You can use it to create opportunities, transform the way you work, make life easier for your people and give a better service to your customers.

The benefits

Tracking and monitoring your assets helps keep everyone safe, makes your whole operation more efficient, and lowers costs. You can:

Find and follow your fleet

Knowing where your transport becomes challenging as soon it leaves the depot. Let alone when it's in remote locations.

Intelligent Assets can tell you where a vehicle is, where it's been, and where it's going, 24/7. And you can use that data to predict and prevent problems like maintenance issues or breakdowns.

Become more efficient

Updating or replacing systems with IoT tech helps you automate manual processes, saving time and effort. That means you can make more from your investment and spend less, too.

Automation frees up employees from time-consuming tasks and allows them to get their heads down and work on the big ideas that could change your business for the better.

Smart meter monitoring

Connect your customers' smart meters to your network and monitor water use as it happens. Check whether a meter is working and spot issues like leaks before they become a problem.

You can use data on water usage to help customers change their behaviour and give them more accurate bills. That makes life easier for your customers and means they're more likely to pay on time.

Bring your data to life

Data is a valuable resource. Our Intelligent Data analytics platform can help you securely collect, analyse and distribute your data. And that all leads to more informed decisions.

Get instant access to information and make sure it's available to the right people, at the right time. We can even help you integrate your data with existing systems so it's even more useful.

Connect to people and places

Collaborate and share information with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders with our IoT platform. Get access to data that lets you see what's happening across organisations, regions, time zones and systems. With it, you can improve decision-making and make processes more efficient.

Our IoT platform also makes monitoring assets in remote locations much easier. Get reports about temperature, vibration and other environmental factors at the touch of a button. And use that information to fix problems and set maintenance schedules.

Be socially responsible

Tracking and managing your assets can help you reduce your carbon footprint and share the data you produce on energy. That's great for complying with government green targets and meeting industry standards around transparency.

As customers become more informed, many are choosing to buy from companies that offer more sustainable products and services. So knowing how much energy you use and taking steps to reduce it can really give you the edge in your sector.

Why BT?

We understand the pressure utility providers are under because we've been there too.


Sustainable transformation is at the heart of our business. As a responsible business leader, we'll work with you to reduce the ongoing costs of your IT. And that can make your investments work harder in the long term.

Where it's working

We're helping Openreach to protect its high-value assets, work more efficiently, and save millions of pounds as it improves the UK's telecoms.

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