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The Internet of Things

Intelligent Assets

Keep track of goods and assets

Use our intelligent devices and sensors to check on your goods, as they travel. Once you know where they are and what condition they’re in, you can make decisions that bring down costs, speed up processes and stop equipment breaking down.

Manage your business remotely

We’ll build a solution that can manage your assets. We’ll help you write a business case, run a pilot, before deploying the full solution. Our experts will make sure everything’s working perfectly before handing you the controls. 

Real-time information for better business decisions

Here’s what we can do for your business:

Make you more efficient

When you’ve got the whole picture about where your assets are you can make better decisions, faster. That can lead to better customer service, and even save you money.

Monitor performance

Pinpoint where your vehicles are and where they’re scheduled to go next. Find out if goods in transit are on track for delivery and, if the driver’s running late, let your customers know straight away.

Lower your operating costs

You don’t want equipment to fail because of freezing or overheating. With accurate data about the environment around your assets, you can quickly act if things don’t look right.

Everything in working order

A connected lorry tells you how many miles it can travel before it needs a service, or if there’s a problem with the engine. With that information, you can sort out maintenance issues before they become a bigger problem.

Want to know more?

Why us?

We’ve used our expertise in sensors and networks with supply chains for a long time. Now we’re championing data exchange and leading the way with our applications.

Who have we helped?

Stobart Group

We help Stobart Group respond to floods across the UK. They use Intelligent Assets and our Internet of Things platform to monitor heavy-duty pieces of flood defence equipment. Because Stobart Group track their location, they can be redirected to defend towns and cities when it matters most.


Domibera manufacturers about 1.3 billion tin cans in a year. They use Intelligent Assets to monitor and record the materials that make up each tin. This means the company can answer most questions about production in minutes.

  • Domiberia case study

    Read how we provided Domiberia, a global packaging company, unrivalled asset tracking, from raw material to final product.

    24/02/2021 - New pdf - 1.35 MB
  • Intelligent Assets Datasheet

    Read our datasheet to find out how you can use the Internet of Things (IoT) to track, monitor and control the assets that matter most to your business.

    pdf - 243 KB
  • Intelligent Assets Brochure

    Read our brochure to find out how the Internet of Things (IoT) can help you track, monitor and control the assets that matter most to your business.

    pdf - 388 KB

Get started with Intelligent Assets

To find out more about what Intelligent Assets can do for your business, get in touch today.

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