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The Internet of Things

Intelligent Data Analytics

Know your customer. Transform your business

In the age of big data, insight is king. IoT opens up a new world of data sources. But how do you use them to your advantage? How do you turn that data into insight to save money, deliver better services and break into new markets?

Make smarter decisions

When it comes to understanding your customers, there’s guesswork and then there’s data. We look at the way you do things and how you can change the way you interact with your customers.

In-depth insight

We can give you the information you need at the touch of a button. Here’s what our team can offer you:

Demographics and interests

With detailed insight that combines age, gender and online behaviour, you can plan campaigns and develop products that meet your customers’ needs.

Catchment area and location footfall

With the right information on where and when people visit certain locations, it’s easy to decide where to put new stores or locations.

Journey behaviour

If you’re building critical infrastructure like roads and footpaths, you need to get it right. And that starts with understanding the people you’re building it for. Discover where people travel to and from, the routes they take, and what time they make their journeys.

Competitor behaviours

Knowing your own business is only half the battle when it comes to planning. We can show you how and when your customers interact with competitors, so you get a better view of your sector, challenges and opportunities.

Campaign insights

Whether your campaign focuses on online behaviour or physical footfall, we can give you facts on how it performed. From visits to your stores to clicks on a website, we’ll show you exactly what worked so you can do it again.

Collaborate to innovate

We’re working with our Smart Cities team on the MK:Smart and CityVerve Smart Hub projects, focusing on air quality. By combining air quality and location data, we can see how many people are affected by poor air quality in certain areas. This can help local authorities make plans to reduce pollutants and create cleaner, healthier cities.

Why BT?

Our team works with the industry’s smartest partners and has years of experience in data science and analytics. We give insights based on data for industries like transport and infrastructure as well as retail, marketing, market research and advertising.

Who we’ve helped

Our analytics have helped engineering giant Atkins improve driving conditions, and global retail chain IKEA target their customers more effectively.

Intelligent Data Analytics solutions

  • All bags aboard - white paper

    There's guesswork, then there's data. Location Insights lets you see who's visiting a location and how they arrived, helping you understand your customer the smarter way.

    pdf - 477 KB

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