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The Internet of Things

Rapid Deployable Network

Staying connected in an unconnected environment

Whether you’re setting up new offices, creating a pop-up retail outlet or carrying out construction, it pays to get connected fast. With our Rapid Deployable Network, you can connect your sites and remote devices to our network quickly. So you can get on with the job in hand.

Fast setup when it matters

We can connect you from virtually anywhere. Better still, we can do it without a fixed wired link (that’s the bit that can cause delays). Maybe you’re waiting for a fixed line to be installed. Or maybe you just need a short-term connection for a temporary location. Either way, we’re ready to help.

A service designed around you

Our Rapid Deployment Network delivers fast speeds, greater coverage and excellent value for money. Here are some of the other main benefits:

It’s a super quick connection

Our mobile network is seriously fast. We’ll connect you as quickly as we can using our 4G network. And our M2M applications.

It’s a great all-rounder

You can use our network in lots of different ways – permanently, temporarily, or as a quick-start. So there’s plenty of choice.

It’s better for your budget

With everything connected quickly, you can get on with business and focus on the work that really adds value.

It’s ideal for any business size

Whether you’re a large corporate or a startup that’s growing fast, we’ll get you connected to our network. Safely and securely.

It’s totally secure

We have failsafe backups to keep things resilient and a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to cover you if there’s any unexpected downtime.

It’s easy to convert

Connect quickly while you wait for a wired service. And easily convert it to a permanent, wired solution once it’s ready.

Why BT?

With EE’s network, we’ve got 4G in more places than anyone else. We’ll boost speeds with our powerful mobile antenna. And we know what we’re doing thanks to more than 25 years’ experience managing M2M technology. You don’t need any technical knowledge for our kit. Just plug in and go.

Get started with our Rapid Deployable Network

To find out more about what we can do for your business, get in touch today.

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