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The Internet of Things

Transform your business with the Internet of Things

The barriers between the physical and digital worlds are coming down. It's no longer your website, mobile application, or a follow-up phone call that matters. Today's customers expect a multi-channel 'experience' – and digital transformation can help you achieve this. Analysts IDC say that going digital is at the centre of corporate strategy for over 80% of CEOs of FT 500 companies. So, is your business ready?

According to Accenture, only 26% of businesses say they're completely ready to apply digital strategies, only 10% describe themselves as fully digital, and 47% haven't even started their digital transformation journey. While 87% of companies say that digital transformation is a competitive opportunity, only 5% say they've mastered digital in a way that makes them different from their competitors. Where do you fit in?

In the digital world, your network is the key. Connecting your people, data and customers is critical. We can bring the cloud, network, data, and applications together, simply and securely. Which means you can focus on making your business more valuable.

We brought together CIOs from some well-known UK organisations, including Northumbrian Water, The National Trust and Go Ahead, to discuss how they've implemented IoT in their businesses, and the value it's given them. Find out more by watching our roundtable discussion.

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